Ahoy – Arrrrt ahead! or the Archipelacon art show

Archie the artist by Petri Hiltunen.

Archie the artist by Petri Hiltunen.

Join the art show!
As part of Archipelacon a fantastic international art show of pirate sf will be on display at the Mariehamn public library on June 22nd to 28th (yes, the art show will be up and running a few days before the con). Anyone interested is hereby invited to join the art show. To join the show send pictures of no more than three (3) pieces of art by email to artshow@archipelacon.org by April 30th May 10. A jury will then decide which pictures will be in the show. (Note that we will ask for higher resolution images if your art gets selected for the exhibition, so no need to clog intermailtubes with massive files just yet, just send a good high quality picture.)

Pirate what?!
Pirate sf is a new and exciting category of science fiction and fantasy art. Its roots can be found on the treasure maps of seafaring steampunk adventures and the salty spray of Martian sea canals. Pirate sf takes you on a jolly quest beyond the stars riding wooden rockets on aether vortexes and with the Jolly Rogers hoisted!

If you have questions regarding the art show contact us by emailing  artshow@archipelacon.org.

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