Announcing more programme!

Melisandre by Jenny Wiik, from the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

Melisandre by Jenny Wiik, from the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

To keep the ball rolling, we would like to announce few more programme items you’ll have the pleasure to see in Archipelacon in just little under a month!

This is only a small preview what the general programme will offer: views to fandom and science fiction & fantasy in various countries, programme in both Swedish and Finnish, silly programming, workshops, comic books, movies, television and of course the rich world of speculative fiction literature.

SFF and fandom in China – Regina Kanyu Wang
There is a long tradition of fantasy in China, but science fiction is rather new. You will be given a brief introduction on the history of science fiction in China and the sff fandom, as well as get to know the recent scene of the Chinese fandom.

The New Icelandic SFF Scene – Alexander Dan Vilhjálmsson & Emil Hjörvar Petersen
Iceland; what’s happening in SFF there? Up until five years ago, it was practically non-existent. But now more and more speculative works are coming out. What works? Why hasn’t it developed earlier? What’s happening? Here are two Icelandic authors who will tell you all about it.

Verklighetens Jurassic Park – om försöken att återskapa utdöda djur – Torill Kornfeldt
Runt om i världen arbetar fortskare med att försöka återskapa utdöda djur med hjälp av nya avancerade genetiska metoder. Det handlar om arter som precis har lämnat oss och om sådana som dog ut för tusentals år sedan. Noshörningar, mammutar och kanske, kanske dinosaurier. Men inte alls på det sätt som du tror.

Kirjoittajasta kirjailijaksi – Johanna Sinisalo, Nina Korento, O.E. Lönnberg & Shimo Suntila
Siintääkö haaveissa kirjailijanura? Miten päästä alkuun, kuinka luoda rutiinit kirjoittamiselle ja verkostot vertaistuelle? Mikä on ollut vaikeinta ja mikä palkitsevinta? Kuinka kehittyä kirjoittamisessaan?
Keskustelemassa kolme kirjailijanuransa alkutaivalta taittavaa kirjoittajaa Nina Korento, O.E. Lönnberg ja Shimo Suntila. Keskustelua johtaa kokenut konkari Johanna Sinisalo.

Revenge of the Daughter of the Bimbo Panel – Saija Aro
The offspring of the classic Bimbopaneeli of Finncon. The difference is that there is no panel, just one bimbo. MWAHAHAHAHAAA. Let’s take a look at what internet has to offer us: weird, funny pictures, videos and things, and then laugh at them. Yes, it is that stupid a program. Warning: Cannot be unseen. Might be offensive, and not suitable of the faint of heart. Age limit due to possible sexual content: 15

Burlesque workshop – Miss Disa Pear
A sparkly performer and teacher of burlesque is running a burlesque workshop. No clothing will be removed other than, perhaps, a pair of gloves. Burlesque is more about posture and confidence and having a good time! This session is for self-identified women over the age of 16 only. Spaces are limited for this item and advance sign-up is required: a sign-up sheet is available at the Info Desk. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for light excercise. High heels and sparkly funky outfits are allowed but in no way necessary. Attitude available at the class. Programme participants are asked to meet up at the Info Desk, from where they will be whisked away to the practise space.

Attack of the narrator box! Surprising ways how Disney comics comment their form – Katja Kontturi
Disney comics tend to be conventional both in their form and content. But there are several postmodern ways how Disney artists create so-called metalevel commentaries in their comics: The appearance of the artist in the comic. Characters commenting the form of comics. Making means of comics visible for the characters. This presentation introduces the concept that includes all the features mentioned, called metalepsis and also talks about other metaleptic means in Disney comics with examples from Don Rosa and several Italian artists.

All those fantastic Nordic movies – Sofia Sjö
Sofia Sjö, PhD and movie geek, takes you on a tour to the fantastic world of Nordic science fiction and fantasy movies.

Sarjakuvien tv-sovitusten uusi aalto – Mikko Seppänen
Supersankarielokuvien ja The Walking Deadin suosion mukana kuolleista heräsi myös laajempi sarjakuvien televisioversioiden aalto. Onko kyseessä vain kyynisten televisiotuottajien sieluttomista rahastysyrityksistä vai löytyykö joukosta jotain katsomisen arvoista?

Esitelmässä tarkastelemme sitä kuinka uskollisia uudet sarjat kuten Arrow, The Flash, Constantine tai Gotham ovat alkuperäisille sarjakuville ja kuinka mahdolliset muutokset ovat joko parantaneet tai pahentaneet sarjoja.

Cross-genre fiction – Emil Hjörvar Petersen, Anna Blixt, Thomas Årnfelt & Magdalena Hai
Thereʼs often a fine line between what is considered science fiction and fantasy, urban fantasy and horror, steampunk and post-apocalyptic. Some works come under several genres at the same time. Some authors deliberately create hybrid-genre works in order to explore themes and concepts from different angles, for instance how magic would work in high-tech future, or steam-engines in the wastelands. This panel will explore these explorations.

Hugo discussion – Marianna Leikomaa, Jukka Särkijärvi, Tommy Persson & Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf
A traditional dissection of this year’s Hugo Award nominees. Who should win, who will win and who should have been on the ballot?



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