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Hotel Booking Deadline Approaching

If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, the time to do so is getting closer. Most hotel rooms in our quota need to be booked by April 7th (we managed to get an extension to the original deadline).

After that day you can still book a room while they last, but so can everyone else (the rooms are no longer reserved exclusively for Archipelacon members), and we expect Mariehamn to run out of hotel rooms rather quickly,

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Finding a Roommate

If you are looking for someone to share a room with to bring down the costs, please fill out this form. We will try to find someone for you to talk to about sharing a room. We take no responsibility for this, all we will do is to match you up according to preferences and give you each other’s email addresses. The rest (booking, paying etc) is up to you. And if you don’t hear from us,

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Accommodation Bookings Now Available

The booking information for accommodation during the convention is now available. We have reserved a quota for our members in several hotels near the convention venue. There’s a variety of differently-priced options, the most inexpensive being the floor accommodation at a nearby school.  More information on accommodation options and how to book them can be found on the hotel info page, as well as links to some additional places you can stay at (but where we don’t have a reserved quota).

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