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Material from the programme

Looking for a list of all those Nordic movies mentioned at the programme item All those fantastic Nordic movies or the list of books mentioned at Fantastikens ABC or some other material mentioned at one of our programme items? Look no further! We have created a page to collect all that material. This page is obviously a work in progress, so keep coming back to it.

If you held a presentation or moderated a panel discussion or held another programme item that had material that you would like to make available in this way,

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Links to reports and similar from Archipelacon

Here are links to reports and similar from Archipelacon in blogs and media (the most recent at the top): — Dave Weingart’s photos — Reaktor (EST) — J. Pekka Mäkelä’s photos (ENG captions) — Tanya Tynjälä’s photos (ENG/SPA captions) — Nadja Mik’s blog (ENG)  — Anna Salonen’s blog (ENG) — Nörttitytöt’s (geek girls’) blog (FIN) — Ian Watson’s blog (ENG) — David Weingart’s livejournal (ENG) — Shimo Suntila’s blog (ENG) — Katja Kontturi’s blog (FIN) — The Coode Street Podcast (ENG) — Ninni Aalto’s comics blog part 2 (ENG) — Annmari Dannebey’s blog (FIN) — David Gullen’s blog (ENG) — Essi Varis’s blog (ENG) — Fia Karlsson’s blog (ENG) — A strange mixture of text copied from Wikipedia and the con’s website,

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Watch out for art!

If you are arriving in Mariehamn via the harbour on Thursday, keep an eye out for the raven. Johan Karlsson, a local scrap artist, has created a fantastic raven sculpture to celebrate Archipelacon. This sculpture will be in the Mariehamn harbour on Thursday and during the con it will reside outside our main venue Alandica.

The Archipelacon art show will be at the Mariehamn library. The exhibition opens on Monday 22nd,

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Fantasy Flea Market VII – Sign up now!

Archipelacon is organizing an amazing fantasy and science fiction flea market for our guests. We are offering wonderful books, direct from fans to fans!

Read the instructions how to sign up here

Clean your shelves, earn some money for essentials, and most importantly, put some great literature to circulation. We would like to get fantasy, scifi, horror and other type of speculative fiction. Even small batches will be happily received.

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Sign up to be a volunteer!

Conventions cannot work without volunteers! A small army of helpers who take care of all the small and great details during this long weekend are needed to keep everything running smoothly. If you volunteer you will not only help make Archipelacon a success, you will also get an opportunity to meet nice people from your own and other countries. You can help out as much or as little as you want, anything between 1–2 hours altogether and six hours a day.

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On Friday the Finnish Parliament votes on whether everyone should be given equal marriage rights. We think that the same rights and opportunities for everybody should be a no-brainer and therefore have co-signed the #metahdomme pledge in support of equal marriage.

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Con or Bust

We support diversity in fandom, and have donated memberships to Con or Bust, a fund that helps fans of colour attend sff conventions. Traveling to conventions can be expensive, but Con or Bust can also assist with the travel costs. The current period for requesting assistance to attend a convention ends next Tuesday, so if you’re eligible and would like to attend Archipelacon, send in your request now! We hope to see you in Mariehamn next June!

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Raffle Winners

We’re happy to report we already have over 400 members signed up to attend the convention! (This is over half of our maximum amount of members — the con has a membership cap of 800 people.) To celebrate, we had a raffle and gave out some prizes to our members.

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