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Membership Transfers Closing

The con is approaching, and we’ll be closing the transfers of memberships soon. If you know you can’t attend the convention and have a membership you would like to transfer to someone else, please remember to let us know on Thursday, June 4 at the latest.

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Want to Buy a Membership?

If you are one of the people who didn’t get a membership before we ran out, but would like one, you can sign up to be notified when more become available. (If there are people who have a membership but cannot attend the convention, we will help them sell their by notifying potential buyers.)

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Some Extra Memberships Available

Some people have unfortunately found out they can’t attend the convention, and would like to transfer their memberships to someone else. These memberships are now on our webstore, and more may occasionally become available. So if you missed getting a membership, don’t despair — you may still have a chance to get one!

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Transferring a Membership

Please note: The transfer of memberships is closed; we’re not taking any more requests to sell your membership.

If you can’t come to the convention and would like to sell your membership to someone else, please fill in the membership transfer form on Thursday June 4 at the latest.

Here’s how this works: We’ll put the memberships offered for sale in our webstore. When somebody buys a membership, we’ll transfer the first membership in the queue and refund the original member.

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Sold Out!

800 members! We’ve sold out our membership quota – a huge thank you to all of you for your interest in our convention! We’re going to have such a great time next summer!

We’ve heard from a few of our members who unfortunately can’t make it to the convention. It is possible to transfer your membership to someone else, and we’ll have a system in place soon to help you find a buyer.

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We’re happy to announce that the convention already has over 600 members! The 600th person to sign up was Kaisa Kortekallio from Helsinki. To celebrate she gets a surprise prize – Joe Abercrombie’s Ase itse. Congratulations!

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Youth Memberships Sold Out

We are thrilled that so many young people from all over the world have been interested in our event and joined up this early. Unfortunately our financial structure only allows for a certain amount of youth memberships (subsidized by the convention), and the interest we’ve received means we have sold out of them.

There are still plenty of full memberships available for people of any age. Note that children under 13 are welcome if accompanied by an adult,

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A Note About Memberships

We have received a few questions about memberships, such as if separate tickets are needed, and if there is a cap on the memberships (ie. a maximum number of members we can have).

Archipelacon comes from the tradition of fan-run science fiction conventions. Everybody pays their membership fee (including the con committee, volunteers and programme participants) and no one is paid to work for the convention. It doesn’t make a profit. There’s a reason why we sell “memberships”

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