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Material from the programme

Looking for a list of all those Nordic movies mentioned at the programme item All those fantastic Nordic movies or the list of books mentioned at Fantastikens ABC or some other material mentioned at one of our programme items? Look no further! We have created a page to collect all that material. This page is obviously a work in progress, so keep coming back to it.

If you held a presentation or moderated a panel discussion or held another programme item that had material that you would like to make available in this way,

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There will be evening parties at Archipelacon on Friday and Saturday, with programming provided by the Helsinki in 2017 bid, Finncon 2016, and the Brotherhood Without Banners. And on Sunday we’ll have the dead dog party, of course.

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Join our Friday Excursion!

We have a limited number of bus seats available for a Friday pre-noon excursion to Smakbyn, where we will take part in a tasting of locally produced gourmet food and drink. Smakbyn is a recently opened culinary centre operated by master chef Michael “Micke” Björklund, one of the best known chefs in Scandinavia. Cost: 35 € (including transport and the tasting)

Pre-register and pay for the Smakbyn excursion and tasting in our webshop.

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Masquerade in Archipelacon

Yes, it’s true! There will be a Masquerade show in Archipelacon on Saturday evening.

So take the stage on your own or bring your friends! Costumes from SF and fantasy, from books to films to comics to games to original work, are all welcome.

Sign up will be at the Info Desk in the convention.

Both performance and costume will be scored by our panel of judges, with prizes awarded at the Archipelacon closing ceremony.

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Programme Participant Schedules

We have today sent out the schedules to our programme participants. If you have been contacted earlier by the programme team about being on an item (and have agreed) but didn’t receive an email from us, please contact us so we can sort it out!

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Announcing Even More Programme!

Troll by Jenny Wiik, from Not Before Sundown by Johanna Sinisalo

So the programme is almost finished but as we haven’t quite yet got our magical technical wizardy in place to deliver it to you in glorious guide form, we will instead present you yet another fine selection from the general programme!


Story-telling – The different ways we tell and take part in stories
– David Gullen, Karin Tidbeck, Mika Loponen & Sari Polvinen

Good story-telling is an immersive experience for the audience,

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Announcing more programme!

Melisandre by Jenny Wiik, from the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

To keep the ball rolling, we would like to announce few more programme items you’ll have the pleasure to see in Archipelacon in just little under a month!

This is only a small preview what the general programme will offer: views to fandom and science fiction & fantasy in various countries, programme in both Swedish and Finnish, silly programming, workshops, comic books, movies, television and of course the rich world of speculative fiction literature.

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