Code of Conduct

Please Be Kind

aka Code of Conduct


The goal of Archipelacon is for everyone participating to have fun. We, the committee, would like everyone to be on their best behaviour and play nicely with others. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated. Please notice that all kinds of harassment is forbidden by Finnish law. If you are asked to stop whatever you are doing by the security staff, the committee, or the police, please do so right away. If you encounter harassment or bullying, please let security or the info desk know.

According to Finnish law, the security staff has the right to remove from the event a person violating the Code of Conduct, harassing other people, or in other ways misbehaving.

Attaching posters, ads, or other papers or items to the walls of the venue is only allowed with the permission from the info desk and only in the designated areas indicated by the info desk staff.


Please avoid sitting on the stairs as the convention is on several floors and the stairs are heavily used. Obstructing corridors is also not advised for security reasons. Please do not block any exits, including the emergency exits at the convention site.

Alcohol and other intoxicating substances

Carrying and consuming your own alcoholic drinks or other intoxicating substances is strictly forbidden at the convention area and its close proximity as per Finnish law. All controlled substances (such as drugs) will be handed over to the local police. Please notice that according to Finnish law, a person under 18 is not allowed to even carry alcoholic drinks, and for strong spirits the age limit is 20 years.

Buying alcohol and drinking it at the venue is possible at the bar. The drinks must be consumed at the licensed area, which means the convention site, excluding the programme rooms. The terrace at the convention site is part of the licensed area. According to Finnish law, taking alcoholic drinks away from the licensed area is forbidden.


Archipelacon is a non-smoking event. Smoking is not allowed indoors at any time. Smoking close to the entrances of the venue and close to “No smoking” signs is forbidden. Smoking is allowed only in the designated areas, away from the entrances. Please make sure the stubs end up in the ashtrays of the designated smoking areas.

Props and gun replicas

If you have a big prop or any big items, please be extremely careful when visiting the convention.

Bringing any kind of weapons or objects resembling weapons is mostly forbidden. Items like this are for example air soft guns, other gun replicas, ornamental swords, all types of knives, and other items resembling any kind of a weapon. Please note that carrying guns, knives and other weapons (including batons and things resembling these) in public is forbidden by Finnish law.

Carrying gun replicas and unsharpened ornamental swords at the consite as part of a costume is allowed if the weapons are kept in their holsters or scabbards and are attached to the costume at all times. Please make sure no one can remove the weapon at any time at the consite. All gun replicas should be inspected and marked by red tape by the security staff. Please leave all props bigger than a lightsaber to your hotel room or the cloakroom.

During the masquerade the contestant can carry and show the gun or weapon on stage if it is part of the costume. Please remember safety during the show, too.

Communication Indicators

It is usual at science fiction conventions to socialize and meet lots of new people, as well as connect with old friends. Sometimes you may not feel up to being very social and would appreciate a little more privacy. Archipelacon has Communication Indicators (clothes-pegs) available to show when a person wants to be left alone, or only talk with people they already know. The use of these indicators is of course voluntary. If you wish to use these at some point during the convention, please pick up your indicator from the registration or the info desk.

Pink indicator: Please don’t disturb me, unless it’s an emergency.

Lime indicator: Please talk to me only if you know me in real life. If I start up a conversation with you, you may of course answer.


Please do not walk up to people and take close-up photos of them without asking first, and if you do ask, do not interrupt any conversations they might be having. This applies to everyone, including programme participants and Guests of Honour. Before asking, make sure that the person is not wearing a Communication Indicator that says they do not want to talk to strangers.

If you suspect that the person you want to take a picture of gets a lot of people wanting to take their picture, you are probably right, and we therefore ask you not to. Every member and guest should be able to relax and enjoy the convention without being interrupted by people wanting to take their picture all the time.

If someone disturbs you by taking close-up photos of you without asking, please let the info desk know!

In Conclusion

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is not to prevent people from having fun at the convention but to ensure the safety of all the members. The goal of the Code of Conduct is not listing everything that is forbidden; using common sense is highly recommended. If you are unsure about things mentioned in this Code of Conduct, please contact the convention committee or the info desk.