Parris McBride

DSC_4736(1)From making magic coffee to making it through entire business meetings, Parris’ fannish skillz are many and diverse. In the past 30 years she has been a filthy huckster, a seller of new and used books nad all round promoter of the genre. She also started a fabric arts company which now provides helpful seasonal warnings to most of fandom.

Upon first encountering fandom at DisClave, Washington D.C in 1974 and exclaiming, ” My people, where have you been all  my life ? “, Parris asked the gods for her whole life to be involved in SFF fandom. Cut to CublaCon, Nashville, Tenessee in June 1975, where Parris’ love of genre and propensity towards fannish shannanigans resulted, eventually in a wedding at Renovation in 2011.

An avid supporter of many a bid, Parris has been engaged recently with the KC bids, Dublin 2019 and is an enthusiastic supporter of the past and current Helsinki bids.

So, the gods delivered, fandom truly became a way of life – and she has the tattoo to prove it ! If you ask her at the right moment, and buy her a glass of scumble, she might even tell you a bit about it.