What’s a Membership

Archipelacon is a convention organized by fans, for the fans, paid for by the participants by purchasing a membership of the convention.

A membership gives you entrance to the convention and all its programming. for the duration of the convention, and a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other fans  from several countries.

Become a Member


We’ve sold out our memberships!

All membership transfers have been closed. We will not accept anyone who is not already a member at the door.



Badge Names

On the membership signup form there is an item called “badge name”. Not everybody wants to be known in fandom with their official name; this can be because you want to use a nickname, are known as a pseudonym, or for various other reasons. If you’d prefer to use some other name when at the convention, please put it here, and we’ll use that in all the public contexts.

Membership List

People like to see who else is coming to the convention. We publish a list of all our members on our website and in the programme book (it also serves as a nice souvenir, reminding people who you shared the convention with). If you don’t want to be listed on either, please state so in the appropriate fields in the signup form.

Note: if you asked to use a badge name, this is what you’ll be listed under also on the website and in the programme book.

Supporter Package

For those people who can’t attend the convention (or don’t know yet whether they can come) but wish to support it, we offer the supporter package. If you later decide to become a member, you can do this by paying the difference between the price of the supporting package and the membership.

The supporting package includes the convention name badge (given to all members) as a souvenir, as well as a digital copy of the convention programme book.