Getting to Archipelacon and to Mariehamn in general is simple. We are arranging a group travel on ro-ro ferries both from Stockholm and from Turku.  The information for group travellers can be found here. If our group travel does not fit your schedule, there are quite a few other options.


Mariehamn is a beautiful and welcoming town with dozens of restaurants from fast food to fine dining, and lots of opportunities to spend your money on local delicacies and handicrafts.  Take a look at the Archipelacon Google map.
Three-eyed raven is staring at you!


Our program has been published! Create your own program schedule on our mobile site . We also have a fantastic international art show of pirate sf  and evening parties.

Want to Buy a Membership?

If you are one of the people who didn’t get a membership before we ran out, but would like one, you can sign up to be notified when more become available. (If there are people who have a membership but cannot attend the convention, we will help them sell their by notifying potential buyers.)

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Some Extra Memberships Available

Some people have unfortunately found out they can’t attend the convention, and would like to transfer their memberships to someone else. These memberships are now on our webstore, and more may occasionally become available. So if you missed getting a membership, don’t despair — you may still have a chance to get one!

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Hotel Booking Deadline Approaching

If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, the time to do so is getting closer. Most hotel rooms in our quota need to be booked by April 7th (we managed to get an extension to the original deadline).

After that day you can still book a room while they last, but so can everyone else (the rooms are no longer reserved exclusively for Archipelacon members), and we expect Mariehamn to run out of hotel rooms rather quickly,

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Transferring a Membership

Please note: The transfer of memberships is closed; we’re not taking any more requests to sell your membership.

If you can’t come to the convention and would like to sell your membership to someone else, please fill in the membership transfer form on Thursday June 4 at the latest.

Here’s how this works: We’ll put the memberships offered for sale in our webstore. When somebody buys a membership, we’ll transfer the first membership in the queue and refund the original member.

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Sold Out!

800 members! We’ve sold out our membership quota – a huge thank you to all of you for your interest in our convention! We’re going to have such a great time next summer!

We’ve heard from a few of our members who unfortunately can’t make it to the convention. It is possible to transfer your membership to someone else, and we’ll have a system in place soon to help you find a buyer.

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Archie the artist.

Ahoy – Arrrrt ahead! or the Archipelacon art show

Join the art show!
As part of Archipelacon a fantastic international art show of pirate sf will be on display at the Mariehamn public library on June 22nd to 28th (yes, the art show will be up and running a few days before the con). Anyone interested is hereby invited to join the art show. To join the show send pictures of no more than three (3) pieces of art by email to artshow@archipelacon.org by April 30th May 10.

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Josephine by Jenny Wiik, from Karin Tidbeck's Beatrice.

Academic Track

The Archipelacon Academic Track includes nearly 30 presentations by scholars representing a variety of countries and fields of study. The topics range from postapocalyptic fictions to alien architecture and the influence of sf on bioethics – from Donald Duck comics to Battlestar Galactica, as well as works by Gaiman, Tolkien, Atwood and G.R.R. Martin. The programme takes the form of 20-minute presentations, with 10 minutes allowed for discussion after each paper.

In addition,

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