Geeky Pictionary

Come play a game of Geeky Pictionary! Guess what geeky word is depicted on the drawing board and get to draw your own! You can come and go as you like – pop in for a question or two or stay for the duration.

Pau Norontaus

Illustration magic

Illustrator and writer Jenny Wiik talks about work methods and processes behind her fantasy and science fiction illustrations for her own writing and for texts by authors like Aliette de Bodard, Ken Liu, Elizabeth Bear, Maria Turtschaninoff and Archipelacon’s Guests of Honour.

Jenny Wiik

SF & Fantasy Research Terminology – Guides, Glossaries, and Term banks

As with any academic field, SF & Fantasy research is full of terms and terminology with multiple definitions at best. Academic term glossaries and terminology guides are invaluable aides, but what kinds of guides do we have, and how can we keep them updated? How can we ensure that our terminology is easily accessed and usable by all academics in our field? The panel will discuss the terminological status of SF & Fantasy research.

After the panel, there will be a workshop on adding SF & Fantasy terminology to the Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences (Tieteen kansallinen termipankki / Vetenskapstermbanken). We aim to discuss the synchronized collecting of terms in Finnish, Swedish, and English to provide maximum usability for use in the research community.

Gary K. Wolfe, Mika Loponen

Storytelling — The Different Ways We Tell and Take Part in Stories.

Good storytelling is immersive for the audience, but in different ways depending on how the story is told. Reading is passive and solitary; in contrast LARP is highly interactive and can be physically and emotionally involving. Books, cinema, theatre, games and role-play are only some of the ways we create, tell, and participate in stories. What are best aspects of storytelling by each method? What can we learn about ourselves, story, and life?  Is anything fundamentally changing in our love of story?

David Gullen, Karin Tidbeck, Mika Loponen, Sari Polvinen

The Map of Us / Fantasy Portraits

Participate in a workshop and collaborate in drawing a fantasy map. Add a small detail of your own or create as much as you want. While the map is being created you also have a chance of getting a quick sketch drawn of yourself as your favorite fantasy creature.

Pau Norontaus

Worlds and Fantasies in Comics and Games

Chair: Mia Åkerfelt

Elise Kraatila
A Fantastic Journey to Another Realities: Travelling Between Worlds as a Metaphor for Reading in The Unwritten Comic Series
Abstract of the paper

Katja Kontturi
From Dream to Reality: Fantastic Narrative Methods in Don Rosa’s “The Dream of a Lifetime”
Abstract of the paper

Sanna Lehtonen
“Child of Light saved me from depression and suicide”: Discourses of Childhood in Reviews of a Fairy-Tale Video Game
Abstract of the paper

Elise Kraatila, Katja Kontturi, Mia Åkerfelt, Sanna Lehtonen

Fantastic Art – Past, Present and Glorious Future

Fantastic art can be found in many places: book covers, magazines, the web, games, and movies. Is this a golden age of fantasy and SF art?Fantasy artists Pau Norontaus and Ninni Aalto, and arts teacher and visual arts expert Hannele Parviala discuss the state of the field. Which creators from the past are influential? What is it like to be a fantastic artist today and how is this kind of art received by the public? What can we expect from the future? Moderated by illustrator, writer and art historian Jenny Wiik.

Hannele Parviala, Jenny Wiik, Ninni Aalto, Pau Norontaus

Geocaching 101

Geowhat? Hans Persson will teach you everything you need to know about geocaching, the art of using multi-million-dollar military GPS satellites to find Tupperware boxes hidden in the woods.

Hans Persson

Roolipeli: Kostoretki Sartariin

Konservatiivinen aatelismies on vannonut kostavansa veljensä salamurhan. Kostoretki vie aatelisen seurueineen syrjäiseen Sartariin etsimään kelvotonta murhaajaa. Kuinka kaupunkilainen keikari selviää karussa barbaarimaassa? Seikkailu Gloranthan fantasiamaailmassa HeroQuest-roolipelin säännöillä. Tule kokeilemaan roolipelaamista! Viisi ensimmäistä pelaajaa mahtuu mukaan.

Matti Järvinen

SFF and Fandom in China

There is a long tradition of fantasy in China, but science fiction is rather new. You will be given a brief introduction on the history of science fiction in China and the sff fandom, as well as get to know the recent scene of the Chinese fandom.

Regina Kanyu Wang

Elävä miljöö – Hiekanjyvistä maailma (työpaja)

Historiallinen kirjoittaminen ja historiasta ammentaminen omaan fiktioon. Miten saada aikaan tietyn aikakauden tunnelma? Miten rajataan vaihtoehtohistorian muuttujia? Kuinka paljon todellista historiaa voi käyttää ilman että päätyy vain siirtämään Maan kulttuureja spefiympäristöihin? Keskustelua ja harjoituksia, joiden avulla hahmoja ympäröivän maailman saa tuntumaan todelliselta. Ilmoittautuminen Infotiskillä, vetäjänä kirjailija Magdalena Hai.

Magdalena Hai

From Middle to the West:“Moral Complexity” in the Works of G.R.R. Martin and J.R.R. Tolkien

Ten long winters have passed since Lev Grossman, in Time, coined the term “American Tolkien” as an honorary title of G.R.R. Martin, to honor his name by conjoining it with that of Father of Fantasy himself. Far from simply falling in Tolkien’s shadow, however, Grossman saw Martin’s epic saga enjoying a clear advantage over Tolkien, especially in question of “moral complexity”. Instead of an unsullied “Manichaean _struggle between Good and Evil”, Westeros is marked by the muck through which its men and women must slug it out, for ideals no grander than money, power, lust and love.

Ten long winters. How has the judgement of Time fared through them? Does it hold still, or has something changed? Moreover, was it a bastard to begin with, or indeed of the noble birth its authoritative origin would suggest?

Perhaps the time has come to challenge Time, to see on which side it itself aligns in relation to the separation it promotes. What does it in concrete clarity mean to differentiate between Martin and Tolkien in question of “moral complexity”? Is Middle_Earth truly so Manichaean as Grossman – and many others along with him – has implied? And, on the other hand, is Westeros truly the merciless pit of Realpolitik with which it is, in so many articles beyond Time, associated?

These questions, along with the conditions of their answerability, we shall shortly attempt to show.

Jaakko Reinikainen

Sarjakuvien tv-sovitusten uusi aalto

Supersankarielokuvien ja The Walking Deadin suosion mukana kuolleista heräsi myös laajempi sarjakuvien televisioversioiden aalto. Onko kyse vain kyynisten televisiotuottajien sieluttomista rahastusyrityksistä vai löytyykö joukosta jotain katsomisen arvoista? Kuinka uskollisia uudet sarjat kuten Arrow, The Flash, Constantine tai Gotham ovat alkuperäisillesarjakuville? Entä miten mahdolliset muutokset ovat parantaneet tai pahentaneet sarjoja?

Mikko Seppänen

Reading: Anne Leinonen

Author Anne Leinonen takes turns with translator Juha Tupasela, reading from her short story Pienen rasian jumala. Juha Tupasela reads The Matchbox God — his translation of the same story.

Anne Leinonen

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Artemis is a multiplayer, multi-computer networked game that simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together. The are multiple workstations for players to man like Helm, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon Control. Artemis is a social game where several players are together in one room (“bridge”) , and while they all work together on different workstations, one player plays the Captain, a person who sits in the middle, doesn’t have a workstation, and tells everyone what to do. Come and try your hand at one of the various bridge officer jobs, or even at being the captain!

Attack of the Narrator Box! Surprising Ways How Disney Comics Comment Their Form

Disney comics tend to be conventional both in their form and content. But there are several postmodern ways how Disney artists create so-called meta-level commentaries in their comics: the appearance of the artist in the comic, characters commenting the form of comics, making means of comics visible for the characters. This presentation introduces the concept that includes all the features mentioned, called metalepsis, and also talks about other metaleptic means in Disney comics with examples from Don Rosa and several Italian artists.

Katja Kontturi

Dublin in 2019: Worldcons: The Whats, the Wheres, the Hows and the Whys

In this session Dublin 2019, a bid for the 2019 World Science Fiction Convention, ( share their insights and knowledge into what a Worldcon is, why it moves every year, how the cities get chosen and why they are such an important part of the fannish calendar. They will use examples from Dublin 2019 as well as past, present and future Worldcons and bids they have attended or been involved with. Audience participation is enthusiastically encouraged.

James Shields, Liz Batty, Sanna Lehtonen

Fantastiska Sverok

Hur har fantastiken organiserats i Sverige och vilken har Sveroks roll varit? Förbundsordförande Alexander Hallberg berättar om förbundets historia och nutid. Hur kan sf-fandom och Sverok samarbeta? Sverok – Spelhobbyförbundet är Sveriges största ungdomsförbund med 82 000medlemmar i 1200 föreningar, och organiserar människor som är intresserade av fantastik, sf-fandom, tv-spel, rollspel, brädspel etc.

Alexander Hallberg

Game of Thrones Burlesque

Come and check out if your favorite character will step on stage? And for how long will it manage to take off its clothes until death approaches? Who’s got true power? Friday at 20.00 in the Main Auditorium, please be at least 18 years old. Or you knooo’ nuthin’!

Various Artists

Morning Yoga

Free yoga sessions outside the venue at 10 am on Saturday, courtesy of Daniel Flojt ( In case of bad weather, meet up at the Info Desk to gain access to an alternative venue.

Daniel Flojt

Suomalaista kauhukirjallisuutta

Suomalainen kauhukirjallisuus elää voimakasta nousukautta, ja suomalaiset kirjailijat ovat nousseet haastamaan suuret kansainväliset nimet. Mutta mitä suomalaisen kauhukirjallisuuden nousun taustalta löytyy? Kauhukirjailijat Nina Korento, Anne Leinonen ja Shimo Suntila keskustelevat aiheesta ja valottavat sitä myös oman tuotantonsa kautta. Keskustelua vetää kauhuharrastaja Matti Järvinen.

Anne Leinonen, Matti Järvinen, Nina Korento, Shimo Suntila

A Guided Tour of Mariehamn

Mia Åkerfelt, PhD in art history, specialized in the history of architecture, takes you on a guided walking tour of Mariehamn. She will present the history of the town through its architecture – especially the buildings by the first female masterbuilder Hilda Hongell. Sign up at the Archipelacon Info Desk! Sign up closes one hour before the tour. Maximum of 30 participants per tour.

Mia Åkerfelt

Greek Fandom

Bellis will introduce you to Greek fandom, a fandom that has invented itself without any contact with fandom in the rest of the world, and has been rather astoundingly active for more than 25 years.


Adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars

On writing Dark Fiction from the Gothic to New Weird and beyond. Pete Sutton has been told he writes Dark Fiction. In this brief talk he ponders the history, role and methods of the darker side of literature as well as asking why artists, writers and readers are drawn to the macabre and uncanny. Pete Sutton is a reviewer, editor, Festival Organiser, and writer ( .

Pete Sutton

Chocolate Tasting

Mmmm… chocolate. Need we say more? Join us for a sweet tasting as Mercedes from Mercedes Chocolaterie will offer a selection of her hand-made chocolates and pralines, including ones made with local ingredients. Sign up at the Info Desk to participate in the chocolatey goodness.Maximum of 30 people. Participation fee of 30 euros.Chocolates at the tasting will be nut, gluten and egg free.

Mercedes Chocolaterie

Reading: Emil Hjörvar Petersen

Saga eftirlifenda (e. After Ragnarök), a post-apocalyptic fantasy trilogy about the Norse gods that survived Ragnarök and their struggles, adventures, and voyages in a world they lost control of. Reading in English from the three books: Hödur & Baldur, Verge of Ruins, and Nidhögg.

Emil Hjörvar Petersen

Reading: Osuuskumma Drabbles & Annmari Dannebey & Maria Turtschaninoff

Authors from publishing co-op Osuuskumma will start by reading a few drabbles, followed by Annmari Dannebey reading from her upcoming novel Neverending forest and Maria Turtschaninoff reading from her novel Maresi. Neverending Forest is the first novel in a historical fantasy trilogy based in Normandy, France. Maresi is Maria Turtschaninoff’s fifth novel, and the first to be published in English. It’s high fantasy in a low-magic setting. The main character is a young girl, Maresi, who has fled famine and poverty to The Red Abbey, a haven for women and girls on a remote island. There the girls are given refuge and taught secret knowledge. But as the story begins, evil lands on the shores of the island.

Annmari Dannebey, Maria Turtschaninoff, Osuuskumma writers

Places and Their People

Chair: Jerry Määttä

Nicholas Wanberg
Concerning Races: Establishing Genre Conventions for the Portrayal of Intelligent Non-Humans in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Legendarium
Abstract of the paper

Billy O’Shea
The Journey North: The Significance of the Nordic Lands in English-Language Science Fiction and Fantasy
Abstract of the paper

Stefan Ekman
Read the Map, Know the World
Abstract of the paper

Billy O’Shea, Jerry Määttä, Nicholas Wanberg, Stefan Ekman

Burlesque Workshop

A sparkly performer and teacher of burlesque is running a burlesque workshop. No clothing will be removed other than, perhaps, a pair of gloves. Burlesque is more about posture and confidence and having a good time! This session is for self-identified women over the age of 16 only. Spaces are limited and advance sign-up is required at the Info Desk. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for light excercise. High heels and sparkly funky outfits are allowed but in no way necessary. Programme participants are asked to meet up at the Info Desk.   

Miss Disa Pear

That’s not how it was in the book!

Discussions about the differences and the reasons behind them between George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and its television adaptation, the HBO series Game of Thrones. Anna-Leena has studied the adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire into Game of Thrones in her master’s thesis, and now continues to study the subject further in her PhD thesis. There will be spoilers!

Anna-Leena Harinen

The Map of Us / Fantasy Portraits

Participate in a workshop and collaborate in drawing a fantasy map. Add a small detail of your own or create as much as you want. While the map is being created you also have a chance of getting a quick sketch drawn of yourself as your favorite fantasy creature.

Pau Norontaus

What we talk about when we talk about “book blogging”

What compels a person to blog about their reading experiences, and what happens after they do? Do writers blog because they just can’t help themselves, or is blogging the necessary evil twin to the book they preferably would be working on? What’s the deal with the book bloggers community, and would/should writers want to join the conversation?

Anna Sellin, J. S. Meresmaa, Nahal Ghanbari, Nic Clarke, Thomas Årnfelt

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy for Film

All three authors have participated in writing or adapting stories for the silver screen, in very different types of projects (Iron Sky, A.I. and Cirkeln). How do their experiences measure with each other? And how do you end up writing for a movie? Can the author get her or his voice heard, or will the movie making apparatus win in the end?

Ian Watson, Jessica Elgenstierna, Johanna Sinisalo, Sara Bergmark Elfgren

Fandom in Spain & Eurocon Presentation

Cristina Macía, co-organiser of the annual Celsius 233 SFF festival in Avilés, will talk about the culture of publicly funded free festivals in Spain, about regional “tertulias” (local fan group get-togethers), and about the Spanish national SF convention, Hispacon, with Ian Watson butting in, and both will engage in shameless propaganda for the first ever Spanish Eurocon to be held in Barcelona in November 2016.

Cristina Macia, Ian Watson

Identity and Agency in (Post-)Human Societies

Chair: Jari Käkelä

Juha Raipola
“You are not in a place; the place is in you”: Insects as Uncanny Agencies in Leena Krohn’s Tainaron
Abstract of the paper

Kaisa Kortekallio
The Adaptive Generation: Symbiotic Evolution and Communal Subjectivity in Greg Bear’s Darwin’s Children
Abstract of the paper

Olli Lönnberg
“ – – Nice round-up dog. Very affectionate. I keep his bark button switched off”: The Human and the Non-Human in The Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson
Abstract of the paper

Jari Käkelä, Juha Raipola, Kaisa Kortekallio, Olli Lönnberg

The Disabled Heroes in Lois McMaster Bujold

Have you ever wondered why so many of Bujold’s heroes are disabled? Miles Vorkosigan, Cazaril, Dag, are all disabled in different ways, and that’s only counting the main male protagonists in her three series of novels.  Edward James, author of Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century and other books (including a new one on Bujold), tries to explain.

Edward James

Kirjoittajasta kirjailijaksi

Siintääkö haaveissa kirjailijanura? Miten päästä alkuun, kuinka luoda rutiinit kirjoittamiselle ja verkostot vertaistuelle? Mikä on ollut vaikeinta ja mikä palkitsevinta? Kuinka kehittyä kirjoittamisessaan? Keskustelemassa kolme kirjailijanuransa alkutaivalta taittavaa kirjoittajaa Nina Korento, O.E. Lönnberg ja Shimo Suntila. Keskustelua johtaa kokenut konkari Johanna Sinisalo.

Johanna Sinisalo, Nina Korento, Olli Lönnberg, Shimo Suntila

The Atomic Nucleus of Good and Evil

“The splitting of the atom” – does the phrase make you feel anything? Nuclear technology defined the 20th century. It gave us Spiderman, Dr. Strangelove, Project Orion, The China Syndrome, Fallout, and a job for Homer Simpson. And Our Friend the Atom, of course. We have feared the Bomb, but also hoped to harness the power of the atom. Through popular culture, we have participated in the struggle between the atomic nucleus that wants to help us and its evil twin aiming to wipe out civilization in an atomic winter. Is the battle over?

Anna Davour

Writing workshop: Creating Characters

What is a ‘good’ character? Where do characters come from? What is a character made of? Creating Characters will show you how to create rounded, memorable and interesting characters. Gaie Sebold is the author of Babylon Steel, Dangerous Gifts, and Shanghai Sparrow.She has published a number of short stories, three of which have received honourable mentions in Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. She has also won awards for poetry.Her website is at    

Gaie Sebold

Astetta spefiaalimpaa bloggausta

Kirjablogeja on Suomessa jo muutamia satoja, ja joukkoon tietysti mahtuu muutama sellainenkin, jossa käsitellään satunnaisotantaa enemmän myös spekulatiivista fiktiota. Vaatiiko spefistä bloggaaminen genreen perehtyneisyyttä vai olisiko suorastaan parempi, jos bloggaaja on spefimetsään eksynyt ummikko? Millaisesta spefistä suomalaiset bloggaavat? Millaista spefiä kirjabloggaajat kaipaavat? Keskustelemassa Maria Carole Calendulasta, Taika Dahlbom Kirjasfääristä ja Hanna Matilainen Morren maailmasta.

Hanna Matilainen, Maria Carole, Taika Dahlbom

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Artemis is a multiplayer, multi-computer networked game that simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together. There are multiple workstations for players to man, like Helm, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon Control. While all players work together, the Captain, sitting in the middle, doesn’t have a workstation and tells everyone what to do. Come and try your hand at one of the various bridge officer jobs, or even at being the captain!

Cross-genre Fiction

There_s often a fine line between what is considered SF and fantasy, urban fantasy and horror, steampunk and post-apocalyptic. Some works fit into several genres. Some authors deliberately create hybrid-genre works in order to explore themes and concepts from different angles, for instance how magic would work in a high-tech future, or steam-engines in the wastelands. This panel will explore these explorations.

Anna Blixt, Emil Hjörvar Petersen, Magdalena Hai, Thomas Årnfelt

Sexy Times in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Even though SF, fantasy and horror deal with the unexpected and unknown, the descriptions of intimate relationships between characters sometimes seem stale. Where’s the imagination, where’s the weird? Or is that what we want at all? Do we prefer the traditional and well-known, and even the gratuitous sex scenes in our novels? Our panel of writers and readers of all things NSFW discusses their favorite and least-favorite examples of using sex in speculative fiction.

Gaie Sebold, Marianna Leikomaa, Nastia T

Yksi ulkosuomalainen, s’il vous plaît

Spefikirjailijoilla on taipumuksena levittäytyä myös vieraille planeetoille, esimerkiksi Ranskaan. Ranskansuomalaiset esikoiskirjailijat kertovat, kuinka selviytyä, kun suomen kieli uhkaa rapistua, ympärillä on muukalaisia ja turvallinen suomalainen fandom on kaukana. Kyljessä katsaus myös siihen, kuinka ulkosuomalaisuus vaikuttaa kirjailijaidentiteettiin ja mitä Ranskassa oikein tapahtuu scifi- ja fantasiakirjallisuuden puitteissa.

Annmari Dannebey, Maria Carole


Take the stage on your own or bring your friends. Costumes from SF and fantasy, from books to films to comics to games to original work, are all welcome. Both performance and costume will be scored by our panel of judges, with prizes awarded at the Archipelacon closing ceremony. If you need background music, deliver the file to the Info Desk in good quality mp3, wav or aif format, or on audio cd no later than Saturday at 15.00.

Cheryl Morgan, Jukka Särkijärvi

Travel in Science Fiction and Fantasy

A talk about inner and outer journeys of fantasy and science fiction, the strange new worlds explored, and the different roads to go there and back again. Patrik Centerwall is a Swedish fan and writer. He debuted in 2013, received the Alvar Prize in 2008, and has served as chair of, among others, the Tolkien Society of Göteborg.

Patrik Centerwall

LGBT Superheroes

Are Batman and Robin actually a gay couple? Which famous superhero hired a New York gang to beat up some lesbians? How far back can we trace queer characters in comics? Cheryl Morgan peers into comics archives and reveals that sometimes wearing brightly coloured spandex tights really is as gay as it gets.

Cheryl Morgan

A Guided Tour of Mariehamn

Mia Åkerfelt, PhD in art history, specialized in the history of architecture, takes you on a guided walking tour of Mariehamn. She will present the history of the town through its architecture – especially the buildings by the first female masterbuilder Hilda Hongell. Sign up at the Archipelacon Info Desk! Sign up closes one hour before the tour. Maximum of 30 participants per tour.

Mia Åkerfelt

Conrunning in America

Come and talk with an experienced American convention organizer who is attending his first Nordic convention. How are American conventions organized? What different types of conventions are there? What is American fandom like? Take part in a discussion about our different convention journeys.

Michael Lee

Roolipeli: Kadonneet löytöretkeilijät

Pankkiirin huimapäinen seikkailijapoika on kadonnut tutkimusmatkallaan. Pelaajahahmot palkataan seuraamaan pojan jälkiä ja pelastamaan hänet ja hänen toverinsa. Seikkailu Astraterra-roolipelin maailmassa. Tule kokeilemaan roolipelaamista! Viisi ensimmäistä pelaajaa mahtuu mukaan.

Matti Järvinen

World of Ice and Fire discussion

The authors of The World of Ice and Fire present their first public discussion amongst themselves about the book that was 8 years in the making. The authors will discuss topics ranging from the history of the project, the process of creating its “fake history”, the joys of seeing new art, the horrors of having nine Aegon’s in a family tree,  and much more!

Elio M. García jr, George R.R. Martin, Linda Antonsson

Minds and Bodies in Genre Texts

Chair: Caroline Bassett

Anders Sandberg
Neural Chernobyl or Eternal Sunshine? Cognitive Enhancement in Science Fiction, Transhumanism and Bioethics
Abstract of the paper

Cheryl Morgan
Hell Is Other People: Gender Issues and Reader Response in Neil Gaiman’s “A Game of You”
Abstract of the paper

Merja Polvinen
Metaphor and Cognition in Catherynne M. Valente’s “Silently and Very Fast”
Abstract of the paper

Anders Sandberg, Caroline Bassett, Cheryl Morgan, Merja Polvinen

Rakkautta ja raateluhampaita

Rakkaus on kirjallisuuden käytetyimpiä aiheita vuosisadasta toiseen. Viime vuosina kirjakauppojen hyllyt ovat täyttyneet paranormaaleista rakkaustarinoista ja fantasiaromantiikasta. Kuinka romantiikka muuttuu, kun kirjallisuudessa rikotaan realismin raja-aitoja? Miksi oudot maailmat ja poikkeusyksilöt kiinnostavat romanssikirjoittajia? Paneelimme osallistujat lähestyvät aihetta niin kirjailijan, lukijan kuin kääntäjänkin näkökulmasta.

Hanna Matilainen, J. S. Meresmaa, Johanna Vainikainen, Maria Carole

Reading: Ieva Melgalve & David Gullen

Ieva Melgalve will read The Roommates“One of them is an unpredictable, wild being with no regard to the interests of others. The other is an autistic game developer. The third feels responsible for their survival in the real world. But maybe there is another option for them?” David Gullen will read a story called The Redensive Epiphany of Pouty Mcnavel. It is an SF story about madness and understanding.

David Gullen, Ieva Melgalve

Elokuvien sarjisversiot – turhaa oheisroskaa vai oma taideteoksensa

Vuosikymmeniä jokainen uusi hittielokuva sai oman sarjisversionsa kioskeihin. Erilaisia adaptaatioita on nähty lukuisia suomessakin, lehdistä albumeihin. Näitä oheistuotteita pidetään yleisesti sarjakuvan alimpana kastina, silkkana kyynisenä rahastuksena vailla kunnianhimoa tai taiteellista meriittiä. Mukana onkin niin järkyttävää roskaa kuin suurten mestareiden väkeviä tulkintoja. Petri Hiltunen pureutuu nyt tämän aliarvostettuun ilmiöön, sen historiaan ja tekijöihin. Esittelyssä niin parhaat kuin pahimmat vuosikymmenten varrelta. Miten elokuva taipuu toiseen formaattiin? Ja voiko sarjakuva joskus jopa päihittää esikuvansa?

Petri Hiltunen

Star Trek: Future Imperfect

The Star Trek Franchise has been know to be groundbreaking on many levels. This presentation will provide an overview of what has and what has not been done to promote non-normativity in the fields of gender, sex and orientation in Star Trek. It will not deal with the novels or the movies but concentrate on the five TV series.

Dirk M. Weger

Reading: Suzanne van Rooyen & Billy O’Shea

Suzanne van Rooyen will read from her YA novel I Heart Robot, published this spring. You might also get a sneak peek to her NA novel Scardust, coming in 2016. Billy O’Shea will then read from his novel Kingdom of Clockwork. Kingdom of Clockwork is a post-apocalyptic clockpunk novel set in Scandinavia. In a future Denmark, the King’s clockmaker becomes enmeshed in a web of court intrigue, and undertakes a fateful journey to the far north.

Billy O’Shea, Suzanne van Rooyen

Revenge of the Daughter of the Bimbo Panel

The offspring of the classic Bimbopaneeli of Finncon but without a panel, just one bimbo. MWAHAHAHAHAAA.

Let’s see what the internet has to offer: weird and funny pictures, videos, and things; and then laugh at them. Yes, this is that stupid.

Warning: Cannot be unseen. Might be offensive, and not suitable for the faint of heart.
Age limit due to possible sexual content: 15

Saija Aro