Geeky Pictionary

Come play a game of Geeky Pictionary! Guess what geeky word is depicted on the drawing board and get to draw your own! You can come and go as you like – pop in for a question or two or stay for the duration.

Pau Norontaus

Illustration magic

Illustrator and writer Jenny Wiik talks about work methods and processes behind her fantasy and science fiction illustrations for her own writing and for texts by authors like Aliette de Bodard, Ken Liu, Elizabeth Bear, Maria Turtschaninoff and Archipelacon’s Guests of Honour.

Jenny Wiik

SF & Fantasy Research Terminology – Guides, Glossaries, and Term banks

As with any academic field, SF & Fantasy research is full of terms and terminology with multiple definitions at best. Academic term glossaries and terminology guides are invaluable aides, but what kinds of guides do we have, and how can we keep them updated? How can we ensure that our terminology is easily accessed and usable by all academics in our field? The panel will discuss the terminological status of SF & Fantasy research.

After the panel, there will be a workshop on adding SF & Fantasy terminology to the Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences (Tieteen kansallinen termipankki / Vetenskapstermbanken). We aim to discuss the synchronized collecting of terms in Finnish, Swedish, and English to provide maximum usability for use in the research community.

Gary K. Wolfe, Mika Loponen