SF & Fantasy Research Terminology – Guides, Glossaries, and Term banks

As with any academic field, SF & Fantasy research is full of terms and terminology with multiple definitions at best. Academic term glossaries and terminology guides are invaluable aides, but what kinds of guides do we have, and how can we keep them updated? How can we ensure that our terminology is easily accessed and usable by all academics in our field? The panel will discuss the terminological status of SF & Fantasy research.

After the panel, there will be a workshop on adding SF & Fantasy terminology to the Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences (Tieteen kansallinen termipankki / Vetenskapstermbanken). We aim to discuss the synchronized collecting of terms in Finnish, Swedish, and English to provide maximum usability for use in the research community.

Gary K. Wolfe, Mika Loponen

Storytelling — The Different Ways We Tell and Take Part in Stories.

Good storytelling is immersive for the audience, but in different ways depending on how the story is told. Reading is passive and solitary; in contrast LARP is highly interactive and can be physically and emotionally involving. Books, cinema, theatre, games and role-play are only some of the ways we create, tell, and participate in stories. What are best aspects of storytelling by each method? What can we learn about ourselves, story, and life?  Is anything fundamentally changing in our love of story?

David Gullen, Karin Tidbeck, Mika Loponen, Sari Polvinen

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy for Film

All three authors have participated in writing or adapting stories for the silver screen, in very different types of projects (Iron Sky, A.I. and Cirkeln). How do their experiences measure with each other? And how do you end up writing for a movie? Can the author get her or his voice heard, or will the movie making apparatus win in the end?

Ian Watson, Jessica Elgenstierna, Johanna Sinisalo, Sara Bergmark Elfgren

Kirjoittajasta kirjailijaksi

Siintääkö haaveissa kirjailijanura? Miten päästä alkuun, kuinka luoda rutiinit kirjoittamiselle ja verkostot vertaistuelle? Mikä on ollut vaikeinta ja mikä palkitsevinta? Kuinka kehittyä kirjoittamisessaan? Keskustelemassa kolme kirjailijanuransa alkutaivalta taittavaa kirjoittajaa Nina Korento, O.E. Lönnberg ja Shimo Suntila. Keskustelua johtaa kokenut konkari Johanna Sinisalo.

Johanna Sinisalo, Nina Korento, Olli Lönnberg, Shimo Suntila

World of Ice and Fire discussion

The authors of The World of Ice and Fire present their first public discussion amongst themselves about the book that was 8 years in the making. The authors will discuss topics ranging from the history of the project, the process of creating its “fake history”, the joys of seeing new art, the horrors of having nine Aegon’s in a family tree,  and much more!

Elio M. García jr, George R.R. Martin, Linda Antonsson