Geeky Pictionary

Come play a game of Geeky Pictionary! Guess what geeky word is depicted on the drawing board and get to draw your own! You can come and go as you like – pop in for a question or two or stay for the duration.

Pau Norontaus

Geocaching 101

Geowhat? Hans Persson will teach you everything you need to know about geocaching, the art of using multi-million-dollar military GPS satellites to find Tupperware boxes hidden in the woods.

Hans Persson

SFF and Fandom in China

There is a long tradition of fantasy in China, but science fiction is rather new. You will be given a brief introduction on the history of science fiction in China and the sff fandom, as well as get to know the recent scene of the Chinese fandom.

Regina Kanyu Wang

Dublin in 2019: Worldcons: The Whats, the Wheres, the Hows and the Whys

In this session Dublin 2019, a bid for the 2019 World Science Fiction Convention, ( share their insights and knowledge into what a Worldcon is, why it moves every year, how the cities get chosen and why they are such an important part of the fannish calendar. They will use examples from Dublin 2019 as well as past, present and future Worldcons and bids they have attended or been involved with. Audience participation is enthusiastically encouraged.

James Shields, Liz Batty, Sanna Lehtonen

Greek Fandom

Bellis will introduce you to Greek fandom, a fandom that has invented itself without any contact with fandom in the rest of the world, and has been rather astoundingly active for more than 25 years.


Reading: Osuuskumma Drabbles & Annmari Dannebey & Maria Turtschaninoff

Authors from publishing co-op Osuuskumma will start by reading a few drabbles, followed by Annmari Dannebey reading from her upcoming novel Neverending forest and Maria Turtschaninoff reading from her novel Maresi. Neverending Forest is the first novel in a historical fantasy trilogy based in Normandy, France. Maresi is Maria Turtschaninoff’s fifth novel, and the first to be published in English. It’s high fantasy in a low-magic setting. The main character is a young girl, Maresi, who has fled famine and poverty to The Red Abbey, a haven for women and girls on a remote island. There the girls are given refuge and taught secret knowledge. But as the story begins, evil lands on the shores of the island.

Annmari Dannebey, Maria Turtschaninoff, Osuuskumma writers

Fandom in Spain & Eurocon Presentation

Cristina Macía, co-organiser of the annual Celsius 233 SFF festival in Avilés, will talk about the culture of publicly funded free festivals in Spain, about regional “tertulias” (local fan group get-togethers), and about the Spanish national SF convention, Hispacon, with Ian Watson butting in, and both will engage in shameless propaganda for the first ever Spanish Eurocon to be held in Barcelona in November 2016.

Cristina Macia, Ian Watson

Sexy Times in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Even though SF, fantasy and horror deal with the unexpected and unknown, the descriptions of intimate relationships between characters sometimes seem stale. Where’s the imagination, where’s the weird? Or is that what we want at all? Do we prefer the traditional and well-known, and even the gratuitous sex scenes in our novels? Our panel of writers and readers of all things NSFW discusses their favorite and least-favorite examples of using sex in speculative fiction.

Gaie Sebold, Marianna Leikomaa, Nastia T

LGBT Superheroes

Are Batman and Robin actually a gay couple? Which famous superhero hired a New York gang to beat up some lesbians? How far back can we trace queer characters in comics? Cheryl Morgan peers into comics archives and reveals that sometimes wearing brightly coloured spandex tights really is as gay as it gets.

Cheryl Morgan

Conrunning in America

Come and talk with an experienced American convention organizer who is attending his first Nordic convention. How are American conventions organized? What different types of conventions are there? What is American fandom like? Take part in a discussion about our different convention journeys.

Michael Lee