Illustration magic

Illustrator and writer Jenny Wiik talks about work methods and processes behind her fantasy and science fiction illustrations for her own writing and for texts by authors like Aliette de Bodard, Ken Liu, Elizabeth Bear, Maria Turtschaninoff and Archipelacon’s Guests of Honour.

Jenny Wiik

Fantastic Art – Past, Present and Glorious Future

Fantastic art can be found in many places: book covers, magazines, the web, games, and movies. Is this a golden age of fantasy and SF art?Fantasy artists Pau Norontaus and Ninni Aalto, and arts teacher and visual arts expert Hannele Parviala discuss the state of the field. Which creators from the past are influential? What is it like to be a fantastic artist today and how is this kind of art received by the public? What can we expect from the future? Moderated by illustrator, writer and art historian Jenny Wiik.

Hannele Parviala, Jenny Wiik, Ninni Aalto, Pau Norontaus

From Middle to the West:“Moral Complexity” in the Works of G.R.R. Martin and J.R.R. Tolkien

Ten long winters have passed since Lev Grossman, in Time, coined the term “American Tolkien” as an honorary title of G.R.R. Martin, to honor his name by conjoining it with that of Father of Fantasy himself. Far from simply falling in Tolkien’s shadow, however, Grossman saw Martin’s epic saga enjoying a clear advantage over Tolkien, especially in question of “moral complexity”. Instead of an unsullied “Manichaean _struggle between Good and Evil”, Westeros is marked by the muck through which its men and women must slug it out, for ideals no grander than money, power, lust and love.

Ten long winters. How has the judgement of Time fared through them? Does it hold still, or has something changed? Moreover, was it a bastard to begin with, or indeed of the noble birth its authoritative origin would suggest?

Perhaps the time has come to challenge Time, to see on which side it itself aligns in relation to the separation it promotes. What does it in concrete clarity mean to differentiate between Martin and Tolkien in question of “moral complexity”? Is Middle_Earth truly so Manichaean as Grossman – and many others along with him – has implied? And, on the other hand, is Westeros truly the merciless pit of Realpolitik with which it is, in so many articles beyond Time, associated?

These questions, along with the conditions of their answerability, we shall shortly attempt to show.

Jaakko Reinikainen

Adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars

On writing Dark Fiction from the Gothic to New Weird and beyond. Pete Sutton has been told he writes Dark Fiction. In this brief talk he ponders the history, role and methods of the darker side of literature as well as asking why artists, writers and readers are drawn to the macabre and uncanny. Pete Sutton is a reviewer, editor, Festival Organiser, and writer ( .

Pete Sutton

That’s not how it was in the book!

Discussions about the differences and the reasons behind them between George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and its television adaptation, the HBO series Game of Thrones. Anna-Leena has studied the adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire into Game of Thrones in her master’s thesis, and now continues to study the subject further in her PhD thesis. There will be spoilers!

Anna-Leena Harinen

The Atomic Nucleus of Good and Evil

“The splitting of the atom” – does the phrase make you feel anything? Nuclear technology defined the 20th century. It gave us Spiderman, Dr. Strangelove, Project Orion, The China Syndrome, Fallout, and a job for Homer Simpson. And Our Friend the Atom, of course. We have feared the Bomb, but also hoped to harness the power of the atom. Through popular culture, we have participated in the struggle between the atomic nucleus that wants to help us and its evil twin aiming to wipe out civilization in an atomic winter. Is the battle over?

Anna Davour

Cross-genre Fiction

There_s often a fine line between what is considered SF and fantasy, urban fantasy and horror, steampunk and post-apocalyptic. Some works fit into several genres. Some authors deliberately create hybrid-genre works in order to explore themes and concepts from different angles, for instance how magic would work in a high-tech future, or steam-engines in the wastelands. This panel will explore these explorations.

Anna Blixt, Emil Hjörvar Petersen, Magdalena Hai, Thomas Årnfelt

Travel in Science Fiction and Fantasy

A talk about inner and outer journeys of fantasy and science fiction, the strange new worlds explored, and the different roads to go there and back again. Patrik Centerwall is a Swedish fan and writer. He debuted in 2013, received the Alvar Prize in 2008, and has served as chair of, among others, the Tolkien Society of Göteborg.

Patrik Centerwall

Star Trek: Future Imperfect

The Star Trek Franchise has been know to be groundbreaking on many levels. This presentation will provide an overview of what has and what has not been done to promote non-normativity in the fields of gender, sex and orientation in Star Trek. It will not deal with the novels or the movies but concentrate on the five TV series.

Dirk M. Weger

Revenge of the Daughter of the Bimbo Panel

The offspring of the classic Bimbopaneeli of Finncon but without a panel, just one bimbo. MWAHAHAHAHAAA.

Let’s see what the internet has to offer: weird and funny pictures, videos, and things; and then laugh at them. Yes, this is that stupid.

Warning: Cannot be unseen. Might be offensive, and not suitable for the faint of heart.
Age limit due to possible sexual content: 15

Saija Aro