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Storytelling — The Different Ways We Tell and Take Part in Stories.

Good storytelling is immersive for the audience, but in different ways depending on how the story is told. Reading is passive and solitary; in contrast LARP is highly interactive and can be physically and emotionally involving. Books, cinema, theatre, games and role-play are only some of the ways we create, tell, and participate in stories. What are best aspects of storytelling by each method? What can we learn about ourselves, story, and life?  Is anything fundamentally changing in our love of story?

David Gullen, Karin Tidbeck, Mika Loponen, Sari Polvinen

Reading: Ieva Melgalve & David Gullen

Ieva Melgalve will read The Roommates“One of them is an unpredictable, wild being with no regard to the interests of others. The other is an autistic game developer. The third feels responsible for their survival in the real world. But maybe there is another option for them?” David Gullen will read a story called The Redensive Epiphany of Pouty Mcnavel. It is an SF story about madness and understanding.

David Gullen, Ieva Melgalve