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Saga eftirlifenda (e. After Ragnarök), a post-apocalyptic fantasy trilogy about the Norse gods that survived Ragnarök and their struggles, adventures, and voyages in a world they lost control of. Reading in English from the three books: Hödur & Baldur, Verge of Ruins, and Nidhögg.

Emil Hjörvar Petersen

Cross-genre Fiction

There_s often a fine line between what is considered SF and fantasy, urban fantasy and horror, steampunk and post-apocalyptic. Some works fit into several genres. Some authors deliberately create hybrid-genre works in order to explore themes and concepts from different angles, for instance how magic would work in a high-tech future, or steam-engines in the wastelands. This panel will explore these explorations.

Anna Blixt, Emil Hjörvar Petersen, Magdalena Hai, Thomas Årnfelt