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Writing workshop: Creating Characters

What is a ‘good’ character? Where do characters come from? What is a character made of? Creating Characters will show you how to create rounded, memorable and interesting characters. Gaie Sebold is the author of Babylon Steel, Dangerous Gifts, and Shanghai Sparrow.She has published a number of short stories, three of which have received honourable mentions in Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. She has also won awards for poetry.Her website is at    

Gaie Sebold

Sexy Times in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Even though SF, fantasy and horror deal with the unexpected and unknown, the descriptions of intimate relationships between characters sometimes seem stale. Where’s the imagination, where’s the weird? Or is that what we want at all? Do we prefer the traditional and well-known, and even the gratuitous sex scenes in our novels? Our panel of writers and readers of all things NSFW discusses their favorite and least-favorite examples of using sex in speculative fiction.

Gaie Sebold, Marianna Leikomaa, Nastia T