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Ninni Aalto (born 1974) is a Finnish illustrator, comics asrtist and graphic designer. She has published a children’s book and two comics albums. She has also had several exhibitions of her works. Earlier this year she was nominated for the Hugo award in the category ”Best Fan Artist”. The Hugo awards are science fiction’s most prestigious awards, they are presented annually at the World Science Fiction Convention. This year the convention will be held in Spokane, Washington, USA on August 19-23. Ninni Aalto is the first ever Finn to be nominated for a Hugo award.

Fantastic Art – Past, Present and Glorious Future

Fantastic art can be found in many places: book covers, magazines, the web, games, and movies. Is this a golden age of fantasy and SF art?Fantasy artists Pau Norontaus and Ninni Aalto, and arts teacher and visual arts expert Hannele Parviala discuss the state of the field. Which creators from the past are influential? What is it like to be a fantastic artist today and how is this kind of art received by the public? What can we expect from the future? Moderated by illustrator, writer and art historian Jenny Wiik.

Hannele Parviala, Jenny Wiik, Ninni Aalto, Pau Norontaus