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Worlds and Fantasies in Comics and Games

Chair: Mia Åkerfelt

Elise Kraatila
A Fantastic Journey to Another Realities: Travelling Between Worlds as a Metaphor for Reading in The Unwritten Comic Series
Abstract of the paper

Katja Kontturi
From Dream to Reality: Fantastic Narrative Methods in Don Rosa’s “The Dream of a Lifetime”
Abstract of the paper

Sanna Lehtonen
“Child of Light saved me from depression and suicide”: Discourses of Childhood in Reviews of a Fairy-Tale Video Game
Abstract of the paper

Elise Kraatila, Katja Kontturi, Mia Åkerfelt, Sanna Lehtonen

Dublin in 2019: Worldcons: The Whats, the Wheres, the Hows and the Whys

In this session Dublin 2019, a bid for the 2019 World Science Fiction Convention, ( share their insights and knowledge into what a Worldcon is, why it moves every year, how the cities get chosen and why they are such an important part of the fannish calendar. They will use examples from Dublin 2019 as well as past, present and future Worldcons and bids they have attended or been involved with. Audience participation is enthusiastically encouraged.

James Shields, Liz Batty, Sanna Lehtonen