Art Show

Archie the artist by Petri Hiltunen.

Archie the artist by Petri Hiltunen.

Archipelacon sent out an open invitation to people to send in art with the theme ”Pirate sf”. We defined the theme in these words: Pirate sf is a new and exciting category of science fiction and fantasy art. Its roots can be found on the treasure maps of seafaring steampunk adventures and the salty spray of Martian sea canals. Pirate sf takes you on a jolly quest beyond the stars riding wooden rockets on aether vortexes and with the Jolly Rogers hoisted!

The Archipelacon exhibition is proud to present the following artist’s visions of ”Pirate sf”:

We are also celebrating the first ever Finnish Hugo nominee, Ninni Aalto, with a small side exhibition of seven works by her.

The Archipelacon exhibition is open for members of the con and everyone else during library opening hours:
Mon–Thu 10AM–8PM
Fri 10AM–7PM
Sat 10AM–5PM
Sun closed

Enjoy all the fantastic art!