Yes, there will be evening parties at Archipelacon. The Friday and Saturday parties take place in the pool area of Hotel Arkipelag from 9 PM to 1 AM, and are sponsored by various fannish groups that want to welcome you to learn more about them and have a good time.

Note: if you are under 18, you won’t of course be served alcohol, but you can still participate in the parties until 11 PM provided that you get a mark on your badge beforehand — ask the info desk for details.


21:00–01:00 Arkipelag

Helsinki in 2017 Party

Helsinki in 2017 welcomes you all to an evening of splendiferous spoonery and flabberghast funfoodery! Let’s bring world to Archipelacon!

All the Eemeli Aro Spectacular Extravaganza your Body and Mind can take! We have such sights to show you.

Finncon 2016 Party

Finncon 2016 party! Join us for the first party for Finncon 2016!

Hang out, have fun, meet some of the committee members and sign up to be a Friend of Finncon 2016!

There will also be some surprises in store…!



21:00–01:00 Arkipelag

Brotherhood Without Banners Party

All Archipelacon attendees are invited to a party hosted by The Brotherhood
Without Banners – the George R.R. Martin fangroup.


21:00 Arkipelag

The Dead Dog Party

The convention is over! The organizers gather at the Arkipelag bar at 21 to celebrate, reminisce, and pat each other on the back. All volunteers, programme participants, and members of the convention are welcome to join us!