Transferring a Membership

Please note: The transfer of memberships is closed; we’re not taking any more requests to sell your membership.

If you can’t come to the convention and would like to sell your membership to someone else, please fill in the membership transfer form on Thursday June 4 at the latest.

Here’s how this works: We’ll put the memberships offered for sale in our webstore. When somebody buys a membership, we’ll transfer the first membership in the queue and refund the original member.

Please note that we can’t promise to find a buyer for everyone who wants to sell their membership. So until you hear from us that your membership has been sold, you’re still a member of the convention.

If your membership is in the transfer queue, but you find out that you can make it to the convention after all, please contact us immediately by email and we’ll take you out of the transfer queue.

If you have found someone to buy your membership yourself, please email us for details on how to take care of the transfer.

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