ArchipelagoGetting to Archipelacon and to Mariehamn in general is simple. The easiest way is to take the ferry from either the Finnish mainland (Helsinki or Turku) or Stockholm, Sweden. The ferry prices are affordable and the archipelago around the Åland Islands is very beautiful. There is also an airport near Mariehamn with flights from Turku, Stockholm and Oslo about once a day.

Group Travel

NOTE: The deadline for joining the group travel reservation has passed. You can, however, still book the trip yourself directly from the ferry company. If you have booked the group travel, more information can be found here

We are arranging a group travel on ro-ro ferries both from Stockholm and from Turku. These ferries are large vessels with multiple tax-free shops and restaurants and carrying capacity of almost 3000 people. The trip takes little over five hours. You need not choose a return trip, you can – for example – take the ferry from Stockholm, enjoy Archipelacon in Mariehamn, and take the ferry to Turku or Helsinki. You can take a car or a bicycle on the ferry. If you want to take a closer look at the ferries we are using, here are direct links to the vessels:

From Finland (Tallink-Silja Line)

From Turku to Mariehamn on Thursday, 25th of June at 08:15 (8:15 a.m.), arrival at Mariehamn at 13:35 (1:35 p.m.). Silja Galaxy.

  • deck 9 €/person
  • E-class cabin (1–4 persons) 35 €/cabin
  • car 36 €
  • bicycle 10 €

From Mariehamn to Turku on Monday, 29th of June at 13:45 (1:45 p.m.), arrival at Turku at 19:15 (7:15 p.m.). Baltic Princess

  • Deck 9 €/person
  • E-class cabin (1–4 persons) 35 €/cabin
  • car 23 €
  • bicycle 10 €


From Mariehamn to Helsinki on Sunday 28th of June. The ferry to Helsinki departs at 23:55 (11:55 p.m.) and arrives at Helsinki on Monday 09:55 (9:55 a.m.). Silja Symphony.

  • Deck 26 €/person
  • B-class cabin (1–4 persons) 164 €/cabin
  • car 77 €
  • bicycle 10 €

Book travel from/to Finland (for a return trip, choose “Turku–Mariehamn” first, put the reservation in your shopping cart, then “back” and select the return leg you want).

Group travel from Sweden (Tallink-Silja Line)

From Stockholm (Värtahamnen) to Mariehamn on Thursday, 25th of June at 07:10 (7:10 a.m.), arrival at Mariehamn 13:35 (1:35 p.m.) Baltic Princess.

  • deck 9 €/person
  • E-class cabin (1–4 persons) 35 €/cabin
  • car 23 €
  • bicycle 10 €

From Mariehamn to Stockholm on Monday, 29th June at 13:45 (1:45 p.m.), arrival at Stockholm 18:15 (6:15 p.m.) Silja Galaxy.

  • Deck 9 €/person
  • E-class cabin (1–4 persons) 35 €/cabin
  • car 23 €
  • bicycle 10 €

Book travel from/to Sweden (for a return trip, choose first “Stockholm–Mariehamn” in your cart, go back and choose the return leg as well).

Travel info

The deadline for ferry travel booking (the last day you can book the travel) is May 24.

You need to be at the harbour half an hour before the ferry leaves, so plan your connections accordingly.

If you are coming to Stockholm and need a hotel for the night before the cruise ferry to Mariehamn, we recommend that you book a bed at the Scandic Ariadne. It is just a five minute walk from the ship. If you are coming to Turku, there is a Best Western Seaport hotel right next to the harbor.

Both the E-class and B-class cabins are windowless cabins above the car decks. Car means a passenger car. If you want to take a van, minibus or similar along, please contact

You can book either a deck place or a cabin. A cabin is not necessary for the five-hour trip, but it gives you a place to leave your luggage, have a nap and some privacy. The ferry ticket is included in the cabin price, so if you book a cabin, that is all you need to pay.

Cabins are for four persons max. You can reserve a whole cabin for one, two, three or four persons at the web-shop. We are required by law to give the ferry company the information we ask in the web shop form, so please fill it in carefully. The cabin reservation is paid by one person – there’s a place in the form to fill in the names of the other persons staying in the same cabin. These other persons should then select the “cabin passenger” option in the webstore and fill in their information there, including the name of the person who booked the cabin (this way we can make sure we can connect all the persons traveling in the same cabin).

Unfortunately you have to fill the info twice – once for going out trip, and once for the return trip. This is a feature in the webshop we were unable to get around.

Other travel options

If our group travel does not fit your schedule, there are quite a few other options.