Watch out for art!

Artist and unfinished raven.

Johan Karlsson with an early under construction version of the raven statue.

If you are arriving in Mariehamn via the harbour on Thursday, keep an eye out for the raven. Johan Karlsson, a local scrap artist, has created a fantastic raven sculpture to celebrate Archipelacon. This sculpture will be in the Mariehamn harbour on Thursday and during the con it will reside outside our main venue Alandica.

The Archipelacon art show will be at the Mariehamn library. The exhibition opens on Monday 22nd, so if you arrive on Thursday you could visit it even before registering for the con.

The main exhibition on Pirate SF has works by Petri Hiltunen, Tuuli Hypén, Kimmo Isokoski, Nadja Mikkilä, Marie-Therese ”MT” Olenius, Lasse Paldanius, Julia Savtchenko, Jenny Wiik, Arren Zherbin and Ninni Aalto.

We are also celebrating the first ever Finnish Hugo nominee, Ninni Aalto, with a small side exhibition of seven works by her.

The Archipelacon exhibition is open for members of the con and everyone else during library opening hours:
Mon-Thu 10AM-8PM
Fri 10AM-7PM
Sat 10AM-5PM
Sun closed

Enjoy all the fantastic art!

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